Sunday, May 11, 2008

Spring in Utah

We have gotten lots of rain and snow this year so the Provo River is moving pretty fast.  Hopefully when we go to Lava Hot Springs up in Idaho this summer the water will be nice and high so we don't scrape our bottoms on the rocks.  
This was a few weeks after Tyler (Matt and Angies Baby) was born.  This is indeed the first baby that Ryan has ever held and hopefully he will get lots of practice before we have our own baby to hold. 
Cat and I went to Erins wedding on May 1st in SLC.  Unfortunatly I don't have any pictures of the bride but she was beautiful on her wedding day. 
I have really enjoyed holding little Tyler whenever I can.  He is getting bigger and bigger every day and is cute as can be.  I am so glad that I live close enough to them that I can just go and say hi and see how the little guy is doing. 
A few weeks ago I through a bridal shower for my future niece LeAnna.  Puma just happened to like one of our guests purses so she decided to plop herself in it.  
This is from bridal veil falls where we went on a nice little walk today.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day for a walk in the park. 
This path goes almost all the way up the canyon.  It is perfect for bike riding or walking.  We are so happy that the weather is finally warm enough to go on walks and not freeze to death.  
These are all the girls I work with in the Optical Department at Sams CLub.  2 out of 6 are pregnant and it was Kylee's (the girl in the orange) baby shower.  We all get along great and I will miss all of them when I start teaching in a year or so. 
Last weekend Ryan and I drove up to Squaw peak(a few miles up provo canyon) and watched the sun set.  It was a little chilly but it was a pretty view from the top. 
Here is ryan at the top. 

This is Fifi.. Greg and LeAnna's kitten that they got a few weeks ago.  She had to be bottle fed and it was the cutest thing ever.  She would hold the bottle with her small little paws. She would also get a milk mustache and a gotee from drinking.  It was ADORABLE!