Friday, September 14, 2007

The Chaos Begins

We have both started school and have gotten back to the grind. Ryan teaching this time and me still learning. My classes are pretty good and its nice only having each class once a week. Gives me lots of time to do homework. My friend Catherine and her family just moved down the street so we have been having fun with them.

Her little boy benson is so adorable and is overall a very happy chubby baby. I think hes 7months old but he is definetly a big boy and gives me an arm workout when I lift him up.

We went to lava hot springs again with some friends right before school started and we had a pretty good time. It was 3 other couples and the girls drove up together and the boys drove up together. The boys were definetly very excited to have some manly time together and on the way home made a pit stop somewhere in idaho to go hunting without letting us girls know. We were not very happy about that since one of them had the keys to their house. It was a fun time and we will definetly do it again.

We did camp when we went and i was FREEZING... ryan didny put the rain flap on the tent sicne it was clear outside.. but I think a lot more cool night air came in and I coudlnt feel my feet in the morning. oh well... thats what fires are for right?

WE went to Temple square last sunday after church to just walk aroudn and stuff with cat, blake adn benson. It was a beautiful day and we are really happy to have good friends to spend time with. Anyway.. not much else is going on in Utah... were just busy trucking away at school and work adn tryign to have fun on the weekends. I hope everyone else is doing well!