Monday, August 18, 2008

Lake Powell

We were fortunate enough to enjoy a wonderful vacation with Matt, Angie, Ian, Susan, and all the kids to Lake Powell. It was so relaxing and fun just to be with family and be on the water. It was really really hot every day but when we got hot we just jumped in the water, which was the perfect temperature!
Jayson, Bethany, and Jaime tubing off the boat. 
We went cliff jumping which was a lot of fun.  Even jayson and Jaime jumped off.  This is sean going off one of the higher parts of the cliff, he was much braver than me. 

Ryan jumped off the top too.  He has perfect form here and in right after this he straitens his arms off and looks like a pencil. 

Here is Ryan knee boarding... he did pretty good on that but not so hot skiing.  
Sean was awesome at knee boarding... and also didn't do well water skiing which really surprised me cuz he is an awesome skier on the mountains... oh well I guess he can't be good at everything. 
There were lots of fish swimming around our boat so the kids and Ryan did quite a bit of fishing.  I believe this is a cat fish ryan caught using crumpled up bread as bait. 
Taylor fell asleep after a long day of swimming and being in the sun.  Taylor and Jason can sleep anywhere at anytime when they are tired... I wish I could be like that. 
Bethany in the water... I was probably peeing.   That was one of the rules of the houseboat.. if you had to pee you jumped in the water.  It took me awhile to get used to that cuz I have a hard time peeing in water... but it was much easier by the end of our trip.  I am very proud of myself.
Yay!  I was able to water ski!  Skiing is one thing that I am better at than Ryan.. which really makes me happy. 
Susan was awesome on the ski's.  She popped up and down at her leisure.  We were both pretty sore after that day though.  Our muscles definitely weren't used to being used like that. 
Ryan had a pretty sweet fall on the knee board.  I am impressed that our camera was able to catch such a great picture. 
Susan, Jayson, and Ryan all had their straw hats to shade them from the sun.  They just had to get a picture all together with the "cool" kids. 
Jayson and Taylor are best buds and glad that they were able to spend the week together in paradise. 
The cute little ones on the speedboat at lake powell. 

We had to take a pit stop on the way to our sleeping spot to pee and to cool off.  The water was sooo nice and the weather was perfect.