Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Exciting News...

WELL, if you haven't heard our little secret yet I figured we should let you in on it... Ryan and I are going to have a B-A-B-Y!!! I know a lot of you are thinking... "well it's about time!!!" and it is since we have been married for 4 YEARS! I still can't believe that. We are both done with school, have a house, and a dog and cat. SO the next step was a baby.

I am 14 weeks along, so I just started my 2nd trimester. I haven't gained any weight yet so don't expect any bump pictures because it is non-existent... well expect for the flab that was already there to begin with but I don't think you want a picture of that! It's weird to think that I even have a little person in me since I haven't gained much yet... I have actually lost 6 lbs, but I am sure I will gain it back AND some! I haven't been TOO sick... just nauseated and tired a lot. I have thrown up once... and it was on the side of the road. It was a lovely time!

I keep expecting to see a Belly since my best friend is 10 weeks ahead of me and proudly sporting her baby bump... I just have to keep thinking that mine will come eventually and that I should be happy that I can still wear normal clothes. Ryan says that it will come soon enough and that by the time February rolls around I will be sick of being big and want my normal body back.

I don't have any "feelings" on what sex the baby will be... I really will be fine with either as long as he or she is healthy and cute. We should find out on my 20 week appointment which is a week before Thanksgiving, which is perfect for hitting all those after Thanksgiving sales. ANyway I will try to keep the blog updated better with pictures of me growing and with how I am feeling. At our first appointment the Dr. was saying that it's typical to gain 25-30 lbs during a pregnancy... Ryan was nice enough to point out that I would weigh more than him if I gained that... THANKS HUN that makes me feel real great!