Sunday, November 4, 2007

St. George was fun and his team ended up getting 3rd place out of 64 teams. Let me just say it was a lot of watching softball. I am glad that the games were only 45 min long. Since they kept winning they only had to play 7 games in one day. IF they lost it would have been lots more. Anyway it was nice to get away and visit with some of his old friends. We were staying at a friends house right next to the St. George temple so we thought we would stop and take a picture.

This weekend I also was busy throwing a baby shower for a friend of mine at church. It was a lot of fun and I think it turned out pretty good. We invited about 25 people and 18 of them came.. which was a lot. We had plenty of food though so it was all good. Here is a picture of the diaper cake that I made. It was super easy and actually a lot of fun to do.

Overall we are having a pretty good week. I am teaching a lesson tommorow morning on the mayflower. It is a 5th grade class and they are super smart. I have a few readings for the students to read in groups and they are goign to get the key points out of their readign adn then teach it to the rest of the class. Hopefully it wil be long enough and that it will be fun for them. Not much else is going on.. i have another 2 weeks in the school and then I go back to classes and then the semesters over. it has gone by sooo fast which is awesome. Anyway its getting late so I better get off to bed. Have a good week