Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baby Showers

This was the weekend of Baby Showers! I had 2 in 2 days! The first was thrown by my friends Cat Potter and Penny Bergeron. (We were all pregnant together at some point and they both have had their babies already). SO I am the last one out of the 3 of us. They did it Saturday morning so it was a breakfast kinda thing. The food was sooo yummy! We had orange juice, oatmeal, banana bread, carrot cake cupcakes, Fruit skewers, a yummy egg dish and cinnamon buns. We played a fun Bethany quiz, measured my belly (which is 41 1/2 inches around!) and tried to figure out what chocolate bar was melted into diapers. We opened presents and just socialized with each other. It was a lot of fun!
This is me almost 37 weeks along. I am getting a lot bigger!!

In my recliner enjoying food!

The cute little motorcycle that cat made... She is very talented.

The "Kohl" girls all pregnant. This is Tahra my niece who is 10 weeks behind me so she is 27 weeks along and LeAnna (my nephew Greg's wife) who is 19 weeks along. Tahra is expecting a boy and LeAnna is having a girl! I was so excited that they could come!
2 of my best friends Cat and Penny. This was taken later on in the day because we forgot to get a shot of us all together. THanks for throwing an awesome shower guys!

This was at my second shower the next day. All the people that came to this one were from Work at Sam's. We had it at Adrienne's house and the food was AMAZING! She made lasagna and breadsticks. Those bread sticks were MONEY. They probably weren't very good for me but they were soooo good! We also had ceasar salad and this way yummy drink. The punch had diet 7 up, concentrated limeade, cucumbers, cut up limes and lots of ice. I was a little hesitant at first but it was the most amazing punch ever. I am going to have to make it again sometime.

A cute little puppet that goes in the bath... Ryan is gonna have a lot of fun with the hippo and baby during bath time!

The amazing cake that Kylee made. She is seriously so talented. Inside was a yellow cake with a chocolate mouse frosting... can I say YUM! I am still nibbling on the left overs... shh don't tell Ryan! We will see if the weight has caught up with me. So far I have gained 28 lbs and I have another dr's appointment today. We will see if I went overboard on eating this weekend.

I am just so grateful to my friends who put both if these showers together. I know how much work it takes to get ready for them and put them on and I really appreciate it. I love you guys!!
I have one more shower this saturday that some ladies at church are throwing for me. It should be interesting since we are still fairly new in the ward. I am not counting on a lot of people showing up, but I guess you never know until you get there! 3 more weeks and this little guy will be here in my arms... I can't wait!