Wednesday, December 3, 2008

4 Things

4 things I was doing 10 Years ago: 

1. I was in Rhode Island
2. I was like 12... so I just started the young woman's program
3.  Being an awkward soon to be teenager. 
4.  I really have no clue. 

4 things on my list to do today: 

1. Go Running with Ryan and possible Cat. 
2. Go to school
3. Fold Laundry
4. Finish my ESL paper. 

4 things I love about my Husband:

1.  He saved me yesterday from killing myself by making my graphs on excel for my paper. 
2.  He always cooks for me and doesn't even complain about it. 
3.  Eventually he will be a great Dad. 
4.  He loves his job and being active. 

4 Jobs I've had:

1. Marshalls -  I loved that store.. kinda bummed we don't have one in Utah
2. USPS call center -  If you called the 1 800 number for the post office you could have talked to me! 
3.  Sams Club-  I was a cashier, membership desk worker, and now I work in the Optical department. 
4.  Nanny-  I was a nanny for about 3 weeks for this old lady when her grandkids came into town.  She lived right next to the marble house in Newport... it was pretty sweet. 

4 Movies I have seen more than once: 

1. Hitch... Will Smith is hillarious! 
2. Charlie-  Ryan and I cry every single time. 
3. Harry Potter-  i LOVE Harry Potter and i could watch it a zillion more times. 
4. Pretty much every chick flick... nothing is better than a chick flick, warm blanket, and chocolate after a hard days work.  

4 Places I have lived: 

1. Portsmouth, RI
2. Orem, Ut
3. Rexburg, Id
4. Provo, Ut
Wow I really haven't lived in many places! 

4 Places I want to Visit: 

1. Europe
2. Bahamas
3. Mexico
4. Australia 

4 TV shows I watch: 

1. ER
2. The Office
3. Gilmore Girls
4. Greys Anatomy

4 Things you may not know about Me

1.  My middle name is Aurore
2.  I used to be able to lick my elbow... it hurts to do it now. 
3. I love rutabega 
4. I am a really bad procrastinator 

4 people I tag:  Mom,  Holly, Carrie, Angie