Thursday, February 4, 2010

Recent Happenings

Not much has been going on the past month... just getting bigger and bigger! I don't have any recent pictures, I will have to have Ryan take some later on this week. We sold our old car which was a relief... didn't get a whole lot for it but we made a college kid from Haiti very happy! We weren't looking to make much off of it anyway since it was old, run down and we got it for free. I got this brownie pan from Ryan for my birthday and it is AMAZING! It makes perfect brownies every time. We also got an ice cream maker from Mike and Penny... and yummm does it make good ice cream. So if you wanna ever come over for dessert we will hook you up. I also got that cute shirt I am wearing from cat and derdle.
Here is a pregger shot of me on my birthday. I was 28 weeks at that point... and now i am 31. I can't believe I only have 9 weeks left! It's crazy how fast it has gone by.
I Think this was on my birthday too... I don't remember... Pregnancy brain sucks by the way. I can never remember what I came in a room to do and I have to stand their for a few minutes before it clicks.

This is the latest picture and it was taken on the day of Isabelle's (Mike and Penny's little girl) blessing day. Cat had her baby Abigail 3 days later. So she was at 40 weeks and I was at 30 weeks. Now, out of the 3 of us I am the only one left that hasn't had her baby yet.... Why can't these next 9 weeks fast forward by!!