Saturday, November 1, 2008


Well for Halloween this year I decided that I would do a flashback to the 80's.  I had a lot of fun dressing up and being crazy.  Here I am at work with some sunglassess that we sell... (I can't believe people would actually wear these for real!!)  
On Halloween night a couple in our ward had a bunch of us over for a little fire and food and games.  Some of the girls went out to the garage and played some pool.  Cat and I won.. woohoo! 
Me and Benson at the Tunk or Treat
Ryan the fat chef and Benson the cute little cowboy... 
Some of us at the trunk or treat... I love Cat and Blake's grape costume! 
Ryan sleeping at Adrienne's part on thursday night... I guess when you are a fat chef you get sleepy pretty easily. 

Me and my babe at the party!  
 80's girl!  the blue eye shadow and eye liner was the BEST!