Friday, April 9, 2010


For those of you who don't know yet Dylan Jacob Chambers arrived into the world at 5:58 AM on Friday April 2, 2010. He was 7 lbs 1 oz and 19 inches long. He is the most beautiful baby and we are so happy to have him as part of our little family.

My due date was April 5th and I was expecting to go at least to my due date, if not past it. Everyone always says that first babies are normally late and your labors are usually pretty long. Well, that was NOT the case for me. My water broke at 9PM on Thursday evening. My brother Ian and his family had arrived around 4 that afternoon from New Mexico. They were spending the night at our house and then going up to Salt Lake for the weekend. Anyway we were having a nice relaxing evening when Ian decided to play an April Fools Joke on my sister Julia. He wrote on her wall that they had just arrived to our house when I went into Labor and that we were on our way to the hospital. This of course was not happening, but Julia being quite gullible was sucked in. All of a sudden I got a call, then ryan got a call and she was texting us. Neither of us answered cause I am such a bad liar... So we were all laughing about this as it kept going. Meanwhile I have been bouncing on my big exercise ball when I realize I have to go to the bathroom. So I go, then Susan (my sister-in-law) tells me to walk up and down the stairs a few times... so I do. On my second time down I feel a little wet and think I just peed my pants... kinda weird since I JUST went to the bathroom... then I feel a little gush. I run upstairs and go to the bathroom again... I realized quite quickly that it was not pee coming out but clear liquid. I shouted to everyone downstairs that I think my water just broke!! Susan, my Mom and Ryan came up to the bathroom door and were asking me all sorts of questions and we decide that it is definitely amniotic fluid. I decided that it was time to take a shower, shave my legs and get all clean before I go to the hospital. Then I put my "depends" on finish packing my hospital bag.

Since I wasn't having any contractions yet we decided to stay put and hang out for a little bit... We just had fun for awhile chatting and laughing at the little gushes I felt randomly and when I would change positions. It was really quite humorous! We called my Dr. and he told us to come in and get admitted since after your water breaks you only have about 24 hrs until you have to deliver. We got to the hospital around midnight and got all checked in. I still hadn't had any contractions yet so they decided that i had to be induced and put me on pitocin. Soon after the pitocin started I began to feel VERY uncomfortable. My contractions were about a minute and a half long with 30 seconds in between each one. They checked me and I was only at 3+ and 90% efaced. I was MISERABLE and 2 hours after they started me I decided that I needed the epidural. The anesthesiologist was pretty much outside my door ready to go and gave me the lovely shot in my back soon after. My right side quickly became numb and my left was having a harder time. They tried a few things to get my left side numb but nothing was working and all the contraction pain was concentrated in my left hip... can you say OUCH! I was not about to have gotten an epidural for nothing so he came back in and gave me another dose and adjusted the catheter in my back. Soon after my left side was numb and I felt NO pain at all... this was probably around 2:30ish. The nurse told me that her shift ended at 6am so another nurse would probably be the one to deliver and that a different doctor in my group started at 7 so it would most likely be him to deliver. I was fine with that and figured we would have the baby sometime that afternoon.

Well, when she checked me around 5am we were all shocked that I was dilated to 10 cm and that his head was right there! She put my legs up in the stirrups (very weird to look at when you can't feel your legs by the way) and told me to do a practice push just to see since it normally takes first time moms a few hours to push the baby out. I pushed once and the nurse yelled at me to STOP cause the baby was about to come and the Dr wasn't there yet! The Dr. arrived shortly and got all ready to go. I was able to push Dylan out in 3 contractions (about 8 minutes). It was so weird to see this baby come out of me and know that he was all mine. They cleaned him all up and gave him to me. He had curly dark hair and a cute little round head. It was an amazing experience and I actually enjoyed every part of it... even the part before the epidural because now I can be even more grateful for it! I was able to relax and be comfortable and even joke with the dr's and nurses. They were all amazed at how fast I went and warned me that for my next baby I better get to the hospital fast cause I will most likely go even faster next time.

We stayed in the hospital until Saturday evening and have been hanging out at home since. He has had lots of visitors including My mom, Ryans parents and grandma, Ian, Susan, Jaime, Emma, Taylor, Matt, Angie, Sean, Kyle, Jayson, Tyler, Cat, Blake, Benson, Abi, Mike, Penny, Izzy, Derdle, Adrienne, George, Kylee, Hilary, and Greg. I know that Dylan is loved so much already by all of his friends and family. He has blessed our lives so much and it has only been one week since his arrival. He has such a cute personality and is so adorable. Ryan and I both love him and are amazed that we created such a perfect baby. Welcome to the world Dylan! We love you so much!

Dylan in the nursery giving Daddy the Peace sign... what a cutie!

Mamma and Dylan after he was all cleaned up

The Chambers Family!

Dylan more alert at home! I love the little faces he makes.
After his first bath... he loves looking up at his Mamma!
Our little Easter basket... he is just so tiny! I love him so much!