Saturday, July 19, 2008

4th of July

This is my nephew Tyler who is 4 months old and is such a cutie.  We went to the pool a few weeks ago and captured some cute pictures of him. 
I love his little grin here! 
Angie was squeazing his cute chubby cheeks. 
He looks so out of it here... I love it! He must have spotted a cute baby girl. 
Me and jason lighting sparklers on the 4th.  He is growing into such a cute little man.  
Our little firework show outside of matt and angies house.  We almost got killed by the neighbors firework show.  They made their own "firework" which was actually more like a bomb.  Anyway it blew up and the metal shell came flying past matt and ryan.  It was super loud and my ears hurt for a few days after.  We were all really mad that they risked doing that with other people around because it could have really hurt someone or hit something.  We were really lucky that it didnt. 
Here is a candid of Ryan, just to prove that he was there. 
Me and a sparkler! 

Here is me and Tyler.. he had the cutest little onsie on that said "mommys little firecracker"

In the next few weeks we are getting ready to go down to Lake Powell in Southern Utah with Matt, Angie and the kids and Ian and Susan and their 3 little ones.    It will be tons of fun and we should have a bunch of pictures by the end.