Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pull Ups


Well... school is out and I am one happy Mamma! As much as I love working... it is definitely nice to have a few months off to spend with this little guy...
When Dylan was first born he was so calm and reserved... now is another story. He doesn't walk anymore... he RUNS! He doesn't stop until he sleeps... is this what all boys do? During church the other day he made it all the way up to the stand. Maybe it's cause he saw Daddy up there and maybe it is just a way to embarrass Mom. He also crawled under a few pews and then freaked out when he looked up and saw some strangers. It was funny because the 1st counselors little boy (who is a few months younger than Dylan but twice his size) crawled under a few pews too and did the same thing. I guess they both wanted to go see their dads.

He is such a funny boy and always making us laugh... mostly when he trips and runs into something because he wasn't looking (and don't worry...we don't laugh when he cries or gets seriously injured) I just hope he doesn't loose too many brain cells.