Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dylan... already a month old!

I can't believe that Dylan is already over a month old! He is growing so fast and has just wrapped his little fingers around Ryan and I. We love seeing his cute personality and cuddling with him. He sleeps pretty good at night, usually 4-5 hour blocks... so I really can't complain there. He naps a lot during the day still but is up for a good chunk in the evening. He loves sitting in his swing and tummy time.
Such a cute boy... his hair looks red here... I think it is the green in his outfit that brings it out. There are definitely red tints in his hair.. and I am hoping that his eyes will stay blue.
Izzy (Mike and Penny Bergerons little girl), Abigail (Cat and Blake Potters little girl) and Dylan before Cat moved.
Dylan during his bath... he loves splashing in the water and kicking his cute little legs. He is always wide awake and alert during bath time and only cries if he is cold and right when he gets out before we wrap him in his towel.
I found a website called Picnik and you can do some fun stuff to pictures. I love this picture of Dylan.. zit faced and all cause of his little smile peeking through.

Abi and Dylan... maybe a wedding will be in the future?! Why can't parents arrange marriages?!