Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas/New Years

Well we have survived Christmas and all the other good stuff that comes with it! As nice as the Holidays are it is nice to be back to our normal schedule and almost have our house put back together. I still haven't taken down all the christmas stuff... I think our first christmas together I had the tree up till March! A few days before CHristmas we were able to go to the Festival of Lights in Spanish Fork with the Potters. Benson LOVED it! And we were all pretty excited about seeing the lights through an almost 3 year olds eyes... Kids just make christmas more fun don't they!
Here we are with Benson on Christmas Eve... he loved the Dinosaurs we got him!

Ryan and I Christmas eve... Ryan calls my belly a big red tomato in that sweater.

On Christmas eve we went over to the Potters for dinner... had our traditional Meat Pie with all the fixings... yum and just had a fun relaxing evening. Christmas morning we just relaxed then went over to my brothers house to do some more relaxing... I think that there is a trend coming... RELAXING!
The day after Christmas the guests started arriving... Ryan's parents and grandma flew in and we were happy to have them stay at our house... much better now that we have extra bedrooms and 3 bathrooms! We also had my brother Ian and his family stay for 2 nights which was lots of fun! In total we had 13 people staying in our house! I think every room was occupied by at least 1 person. It made me happy to have a full house and people that I don't see very often around me.
We watched the movie "Up" on New Years Eve/Ryan's Birthday. Here I am with Benson and Fenway. Benson was happy that Fenway wasn't jumping all over him.

THe preggers! Cat was 36 weeks pregnant and I was 26 weeks pregnant in this picture... were both growing quickly. I can't believe she only has a few weeks till her little baby girl is here. I can't wait!
Me and the Birthday boy! Gotta love him!
Benson helping Ryan blow out his Candles since he is so old... he needs all the help he can get!

We also were able to celebrate RYan's birthday on New YEars eve... everybody seems to have a party on his birthday every year! He turned the big 27 this year and is already feeling older and more decrepit.

Ryan's Moms friend photoshopped this ultra sound picture since it was just his little arm. We have it on a frame in our living room and can't wait to give him his first baseball to play with. I can already tell he is gonna be quite the slugger with all the moving he is doing inside my belly! I can't believe I only have 3 months left till he is here in our arms... kinda crazy! We have the bedroom pretty much done. We are just waiting on our rocker which should arrive in the next week or so. I will have to take pictures once it is all put together and finished.

I hope everyone has a great new year and that you all start thinking about resolutions... I always think of them but then forget or don't even bother doing them... maybe this year will be different. 201o is the year for us... I just have a feeling!