Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Here is Ryan in Cabo in front of a pretty building
Here we are at the beach in Cabo San Lucas.  As you can see I have many different tan lines already.  It was pretty hot and the sun was very intense.
Here I am in front of the waterfall and building in cabo. 
Here is one of the many towel animals that our steward made for us every night.  I think its a pig but I am not positive. 
The same animal again except with me in the picture.  We learned how to make the dog and an elephant at a workshop on the cuise ship. 
My shoulders were pretty pink and I was hurting pretty bad.  Its pretty much gone now.. thank goodness and is turning into a sweet tan. 

Poor Ryan got a funny burn on his chest.  He wiped some of his sunscreen on his chest but obviously only the top part.  It looks way worse in person and a lot more red.  When I saw it though all I could do was laugh because of the marks.. with his luck this one will actually turn into a tan rather than just going pale again. 


Jodi said...

Hey Bethany, I got the link from FB...looks like you had a good time on a cruise. What have you guys been up to? We are in OH now. I saw Gordon, his family and your parents at Zech's wedding in April, so it was nice to catch up with them. Anyway, I love you blog. Feel free to check ours out

Rachel said...

Fun, fun, fun! Looks like a great cruise. And I am TOTALLY JEALOUS of your tan. I am whiter than a ghost and will probably stay that way for the summer. But really, it looks absolutely beautiful. What a fun, fun trip!

Christopher & Christy Brown said...

Bethany, it looks like you both had so much fun!!! We've been contemplating the Cruise idea for sometime and now more tempted then before after seeing your photos!!

Lisa said...

Hey Bethany, I found your blog! Thanks for the comment on mine by the way. We are still living in RI, just on the other side of the state. You look like you are doing great, and it looks like your cruise was a lot of fun.