Saturday, June 28, 2008


Well the last leg of our vacation was to Zion National Park.  We were able to camp, enjoy the scenery and get some good hiking in.  
The weather was BEAUTIFUL as you can see.. the sky was super blue and clear. 
Here is the entrance sign to the park.  It is very well maintained and surprisingly there were tons of foreign people all around.  Who knew little old Utah was the place to be. 
Finally a picture together!  We were able to use the timer on the camera and rested it on the picinic table.  Its hard to go on vacation by yourself because you have nobody to take pictures of you.  I could ask a perfectly good stranger to take one but now that we have a nice camera people get confused with buttons.. and I don't trust them. 
We built a fire and roasted marshmallows.  They are my favorite thing about camping.. too bad that Ryan isn't a big fan.  He is a good husband though and humors me. 
Ryan by the fire.  He is such a good fire builder. 

Me on top of Angels Landing.  This hike was hard core.  I didn't think i was going to make it because of the height thing.  But we did it and the view at the top was worth the hike. 
Ryan at the top and the chains that you could hold onto to keep your balance. 
Ryan on some of the switchbacks.  This part was one of the nicer parts of the hike if you can believe that.  It is right next to the "refrigerator rock" which cools down the area.  It probably drops at least 20 degrees while you were in the shade next to the rock, which was WONDERFUL. 
Going down the switchbacks was almost harder because my toes kept jamming into the front of my shoes.  I had to walk sideways almost all the way down the mountain because my toes hurt so bad. 

This was the bridge that we had to cross.  Parts of it were about 10ft wide and with a drop off on each side.  This was probably the hardest part for me.  I had to focus on the middle of the rock and not look down.  I don't know how high exactly we were but the snake river down below looked like a little squiggly line. 


Blake & Catherine Potter said...

Cute pics!! I love your blog it's nice!!! miss youuuu!

vest said...

love the new changes... this looks great! and wow... angels landing... isn't it amazing?! i'm so glad that you made it to the top, because it is so amazing and rewarding when you get there. we're bummed we missed you on your way back, but it was so great to see you for a night and catch up a bit. hope you are having a fabulous day!!

Jensen: Dana and Ruth said...

You hiked Angel's Landing?! Good for you! I couldnt do it. I'm all about hiking in a river where its cool. hehehe. Glad you had fun :-)

Kari Lyn said...

Hi....don't want to seem like a stalker here, but I got to your blog through Jodi Reeve's when I noticed the title. We are in her ward and just returned from Utah. When I read your profile and saw "Spanish Fork," I had to write, since that is where we are from and just visited! We've move back in a heartbeat if we could! I've got tons of neices and nephews there so your hubby may be teaching them now! :)