Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sea World

Well after our cruise we went to Sea World!  It was lots of fun and we were able to see a few shows while we were there.  This is a little Sea Otter during the Sea Lion show that would deliver messages.  It was so cute! 
These are the stars of the Sea Lion show, Seamore and Clyde.  They are great and if you ever get the chance to go to Sea World definetly go see this show. 
We got a cute picture of this warm weather penguin.  I had no idea that they existed but I guess they live in South America in a warm climate.  All the other penguins were inside the exhibit and were in the cold dark part of the year. 
Ryan and I in front of some pretty flowers. 
I forgot his name but I think he is a sea otter.  We had to kick a bunch of kids out of the way to take this picture.. haha... just kidding! 
Our names are now Penny and Pete the penguins.  Aren't we cute! 
We also went and saw the dolphin show.  I just think that it is amazing that these animals can do all these tricks on command. They are such beautiful animals and are lots of fun to watch.
They are just saying hi to the audience! Thankfully we didn't sit in the "splash zone" because most of the people got really really wet. 
Ryan relaxing on the sidewalk.   My husband is the cutest! 
Pretty dolphin in the water.  Eventually I would love to go swimming with them. 
Ryan's favorite was the Sea Lions.  We were able to feed them during their feeding time which was a lot of fun.  I was starting to throw a fish at them when a SeaGull came and grabbed it out of my hand.  It really scared me though.  Its amazing how loud these guys get.. they all have a very unique bark... they are certainly not very quiet animals. 
We also went into the Shark Encounter room.  Ryan got a pretty good picture of the shark swimming by through the glass.  I definetly don't want to be swimming with these guys. 
SHAMU SHAMU!! This was funny because just a few weeks before we went on vacation I had a dream that I gave birth to multiple killer whales.   It was funny because I actually felt like I was getting bigger through the night and then I gave birth to them in an aquarium.  It was a very interesting dream to say the least. 
Here are two of the killer whales in the show.  They are really beautiful whales but I don't know if I would ever want to swim with these guys either. 

Me and a dolphin!  We were talking to eachother and I think that we really connected. 
We had an awesome day at Sea World and are grateful to Ryans parents for taking us there. 


blake & Catherine Potter said...

Looked like fun!!!

Christopher & Christy Brown said...

Its been way too long since I was there... Tiff was asked to sit on the killer whale one time and pretty much I've been in love witht he place ever since! It looks like so much fun and your photos are great!!

Holly said...

I am so jealous...it looks like you guys had a GREAT time!! good for you!

KaCHeRS said...

What a great time! We sure miss you guys - it's fun to read your latest happs!

Westover Family said...

Look i finally have one!! You guys are so cute! I did love your silly sun burns from your vacation!