Wednesday, August 1, 2007

everyones doing it...

Well we figured that everyone else is doing blogs so we might as well jump on the bandwagon... As you all know from matts blog we went to Lava Hot Springs for 2 days and had an absolute blast. We are actually going again in a few weeks with a couple of our friends out here which should be a lot of fun.

Ryan is starting his internship at Spanish Fork High School this year and is getting very nervous about it. He has been working on lesson plans like crazy. He is supposed to teach a 3 Health classes and 3 Health Technology classes so it should be interesting. Were going to set up his classroom tomorrow which will be fun as long as the previous teacher clears out all of their stuff.

I am starting another year at UVSC on the 22 of August in the Elementary Education program. I will be going to school monday thru thursday from 8 till noon... and working about 4 days a week at Sams Club. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with all my school work. It shouldnt be too much of a problem cause I work better under pressure. If I have tons of time I just lounge around and do nothing.

Ryans Parents and grandma are coming out for a few days next week so we should have a good time visiting with them. Were not sure what were going to do yet cause its so hot out here during the day... hopefulyl we will do things inside with the AC on.

Anyway hopefully I will be able to keep up with posting on this thing... usually I am bad at things like this... but I will try hard, I promise

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Blake&Catherine said...

Love you bethany, we will jump on the wagon soon too!