Thursday, December 27, 2007


We stayed in Utah again this christmas and have had a really good time. Ryan had about 2 weeks off and goes back to school on the 2nd and I have been out of school for awhile but have still had to work. I got my grades back and I recieved straight A's which I am very happy about. I still have another 3 semesters left which will hopefully go by very quickly.
Here I am with my new snow pants that ryan got for me. I also got a new columbia jacket from ryan's parents. I got ryan the discovery channel show "man vs. wild" which ryan likes a lot. I also had a picture of him playing baseball framed finally... we only got it 2 years ago from BYU.

Puma got some catnip for christmas and she just LOVES it. Once that container opens she is all over it and its very funny to watch.

Here are ryan and I at Cabela's which is a huge outdoor store in utah. It has a very impressive aquarium with Bass and Trout in it, lots of real stuffed animals, guns, fishing supplies, and anything else that you can think of in it. We had lunch at the restaurant inside. Ryan and Dave had a Bison sandwich but marilyn and I just had chicken because we weren't in the mood for wild game food.

This christmas has been great but its not over yet. My parents and Julia are coming to Utah today. Ryans birthday is on new years eve and we have Tahras wedding the begining of January. It will be nice to be with more family to enjoy this holiday season. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year!


Kimberly said...

Hi Bethany, I tagged you! Just go to my blog, check out the 5 questions I answered, then answer them on your blog. Then tag 5 more people. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Ryan! Which one is the moose? Ha ha
Great pics of both of you! :)