Monday, December 3, 2007

A few weeks ago we went to the park and had our friends cat and blake take pictures of us. Here are some of them.

We havent really been up to anything really cool. We went to Matt and Angies for Thanksgiving which was a lot of fun. Very good food as usual. I was also able to make it up to Tahra's Bridal shower in bountiful the saturday after thanksgiving which was fun. She didnt have a clue about the surprise so that was good. I am almost done with this semester at school. I will be finished with my finals on thre 13th so I will have a nice long break before I start up again. Ryan is still working at spanish fork and having a good time. He just found out that he doesnt have to teach the Health Technology class again next semester so thats a relief for him. ANyway not much else is going on.. just getting ready for Christmas! We hope everyone is having a good december!

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