Sunday, January 18, 2009

1/2 Marathon

Before the Big Race (Ryan, Bethany, and Cat) 

So If you didn't know already Ryan and I ran a half marathon on saturday.  A few months ago we were talking to Angie( my sister-in-law) who was training to run a full marathon.  She wanted us to run it with her.  I knew that was out of the question.. there was no way I could or would run 26.2 miles.  So the 13.1 miles for the half didn't sound nearly as bad.  Anyway we looked and found that the st. george half marathon was this past saturday and decided that we would start training.  My friend Cat also decided to run too, she did her first half last year.  Anyway after a few months of training in the FREEZING cold... I AM DONE!!!  wahoo!!!  There is much rejoicing in the Chambers house.  We ran twice in the bitter cold for our training.  One was 10 miles and it was 10 degrees outside, the other was 8 miles and it was 9 degrees outside.  On the last one we went on my friend Cat had icicles on her eyelashes.  Needless to say, the race is done and the training is done... hallelujah!  

We are planning on running a team race in June.  It is called the Wasatch Back and its from Logan, Utah to Park City, Utah.  It is roughly around 180 miles.  Your team of 12 takes turn running about 5 mile legs, each person running 3 legs throughout the race.  It will be a lot of fun  and should take around 24 hours.  

Ryan also wants to try running the Park City 1/2 marathon in August.  He really held back with this one because he wanted to stay with me the whole time.  He is interested in seeing how fast he can really run it.  I am done for now and will stick to 5k's.... haha.  But I am proud of myself that I set a goal and actually finished it.  I have never been a runner so this was a HUGE accomplishment for me.  In the beginning I couldn't run 1 mile without stopping and by the end of my training I ran for 13 miles straight.  

Us at about half way... Blake (Cat's husband was taking pictures)

We were on the last leg here and you can tell Ryan was really happy to be done.  He told me that I had to beat the old lady (# 2091).  I couldn't let her beat me so I got a burst of energy and pushed past her in the last leg.  Cat finished shortly behind us. 

crossing the finish line... or close to it.. there is an end in sight! 

After the 13 miles... and we are still looking happy! 


Rhode Island Kohls said...

you all look great, knew you could do whatever you set your mind to

Briana Ward said...

Way to go!!!! I am so jealous you guys are running the Wasatch Back Relay, I want to do that soooo bad. I wish I was in UT and could be part of your team! Any way congrats on the race that is awesome!!!!

nummy1 said...

I'll try to run one of those some day... a 5k sounds a little better though

Holly said...

Way to go Bethany! I am super impressed. :)

(Oh, and how cool is it that my verification word is 'wardsc'?)

jeff&lynn said...

That's so awesome! I'm envious of your running skills. I recently decided to take up running too. You'll have to give me some tips cause I'm still at the point where I can barely run a mile without stopping. Sad, I know. We miss you guys!

Johnson Family said...

Wow!! Kudos to all of you for that accomplishment. Hopefully someday I'll be able to finish 1/8 of a!! Miss you. We need to hang out some time.

Cody and Jill said...

That is crazy running great for you to be smiling after 13 miles.

Angie and Matt said...

Congrats! You look great with that medal around your neck.....maybe I can talk you into some more! SLC 1/2 in April :)

Sara said...

Wow, awesome job! My sister and I are planning to run one this year, but I'm not a huge runner either, so it's great to hear that you weren't when you started out. Way cool!