Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blogs to Watch

I have found some new blogs that I check EVERY day cuz they are so awesome.  The first one is .  They highlight different companies and all you have to do is write your name as a comment and the next day they will use a random way of picking to pick the winner.  I haven't won anything yet, but it is still fun to try! 

The other one is .  This one posts all sorts of deals every day.  They post coupons, free stuff, and great shopping sales.  Free is Free and I will take what I can get!  

I also want to put a link up for my friend.  She just started her own little business selling bows and shoes for babies.  These little shoes and bows are sooo cute!  THey are pretty reasonably priced as well, plus they are made with love by Kylee!  
That link is


Elaine said...

I'm gonna have to check those out now...Thanks Bethany!

Holly said...

That shoppinghighone is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing. :)

Westover Family said...

Oh! Your so sweet!!! Thanks bethany!