Monday, April 27, 2009

Trip to Cali

So I guess I am catching up on all of my blogging now that school is OVER and I have NOTHING to do besides wait to get a job.  I have applied for 11 jobs in Nebo School District, which is where Ryan teaches.  For those of you familiar with the area its Springville down to Santaquin.  I am applying for openings at schools in Spanish Fork and Mapleton.  It's really tough right now finding a job so hopefully the Principals will see something different in me that they like. 

If you don't know yet Ryan got a job teaching Health next year at Springville Junior High!  He will be teaching 8th and 9th grade Health on extended day, which means he gets paid extra for not having a prep period.  I will take all the extra money I can get at this point!  

A few weeks ago we were able to make a trip to California with the Spanish Fork High baseball team.  Ryan coaches the sophomores which weren't even there but he did help with Varsity.  The team was in a tournament in the Anaheim area and put us up in a Marriot for a week which was super nice.  I was excited to just relax and enjoy some down time! 

Ryan and I at Angels Stadium watching the Red Sox game.  I guess I was good luck cause the only game we went to the Sox won!  It was a really great game and a nail biter at the end.  Surprisingly Red Sox Nation was alive and well in California cause there were a TON of Red Sox fans!  I was really happy to see a great game and be in the baseball atmosphere. 

We went to Newport Beach and it was BEAUTIFUL out!  While were were in Cali, it snowed 8 inches of snow in Utah so I was glad to be in the high 70's while it was in the low 30's in Utah. 

Ryan and I at the Pier after dinner at Ruby's Diner.  IT was way yummy.  We were able to spend a lot of time with Ryan's parents which was really nice.  It worked out that Easter fell on that weekend so we were able to have easter dinner with Family.  

Graduation is this Friday and I am gearing up to get it over with.  Ryan's family, my brother Jared and his wife, and Ian and his family are coming out for it!  My parents unfortunately are not gonna be able to make it.  So we are gonna video tape it for them.  

If you would like to watch the commencement you can go to the link  It starts at 10:30 am MST and supposedly it is live.  President Monson is speaking so I am sure it will be great.  


Cody and Jill said...

what a fun trip oh the nice weather and beach oh man i want to be thereit snowed last night here but today the sun is shining and melting it mor

Curtis said...


It's been awhile. Glad to hear you're doing well. Wish I would have known you were coming out to our neck of the woods. Call me next time.

Curt Rodriguez