Monday, April 27, 2009

Ryan's 1/2 Marathon

Ryan ran the Provo half marathon a few weeks ago and did AWESOME!  He finished in 1:43 min which is quite an accomplishment.  He placed 105th out of 784 people running.  He was 23rd in his division out of 128 and placed 81 out of 253 guys.  It was FREEZING out and was snowing for some of it.  He said he didn't have a hard time but I was definitely cold and wishing that it was warmer. 

Ryan and I before the race.  Isn't he cute?! 

Ryan and his friend Greg running together.  Greg finished about 3 minutes before Ryan.  

This is about mile 12, right by where we live in Provo.  He is pretty wiped at that point. 

Ryan and Greg recovering after the Race.  At least they didn't throw up! 

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