Friday, June 26, 2009

New House

Well for those who didn't know Ryan and I bought a house a few weeks ago.  It is located in lovely Spanish Fork, about 1o minutes south of Provo.  After painting every room and spending days moving and unpacking.  We are finally all moved in and settled and can take pictures of everything.  

Our house is 1800 Sq feet, 3 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, 2 car garage, patio, office, shed.. and lots of other fun stuff!  

This is our dining area... we are still debating whether or not to raise that light cause when the leaf is in the table and its pulled out it's a "in yo face" light... we shall see. 

Family ROom... it's nice and cozy except the fact that our dimmer lights "hum" kinda annoying. 
My great kitchen.  I LOVE working on that island.. its so nice!  Plus I now have a big fridge and a HUGE pantry! 
Our bedroom.. as you can tell we used a lot of Red in our house as accents... I guess I am in a red phase. 
OUr beautiful backyard.  We have lots of grass, a great space for a garden next year, and a huge patio! 
Our office.. I think our desk looks find there even though we had to block a window.  THere was a bush behind it anyway that was blocking light so oh well. 
THe guest room... for all those guests coming to our house, this will be where you sleep! 

THe front of the house.  Isn't it cute!? 

My huge closet!  It is already full... I don't know how we fit all of our stuff in our old closet! 
i love my bathroom!  It has a nice jetted tub! 
Upstairs bathroom... I don't think I have even used this  one yet... 

Downstairs/guest bathroom.. I have used this one.  I didn't like the blue at first but it's growing on me. 

WEll that is our house!  Anyone is welcome to stay if you are ever in UTah.. we have PLENTY of room and love to have company! 


KaCHeRS said...

What a BEAUTY! Congrats on your house! I really love the colors you've painted!! Riley and I are coming for a super quick trip to Provo ... July 6-8 my bro's going to the MTC I'd love to see you quick! I'll have to call when I'm in town!

Cody and Jill said...


all the colors look great and so cozy love it!!

Dave Chambers said...

WE ALL LOVE IT! I like the colors too and the work shed is a must. Location sounds perfect to. Well congratulations. You two deserve it :)))

The Chambers said...

THanks! IT is really exciting to be home owners... though i don't think it has kicked in yet. Abby, you have to let me know when you are coming so we can see you. Maybe we could have a quick girls night with the old crew!

Jensen: Dana and Ruth said...

So nice! I love all the color and all your cool little touches. :-) That's so exciting for you!

I hope I get a chance to see it before we move away.