Monday, November 16, 2009

Baby Chambers

Well, we had our first Ultra sound today and we were able to find out the sex after about 45 minutes. He was being very stubborn with his legs crossed and knees together. I think he was embarrassed and didn't want us to see his goods! She had me turn on my side and my back several times before he actually moved his legs.
This is his face... I don't really see the features or anything but I have a hard time reading these things. I am sure the lady was sick of me because I kept asking her what everything was.
This is his little arm. He had it curled up near his face and you can see his little fingers.
His profile is so cute... she said that he was right up against my placenta. You can see his chin and nose and lips a little bit if you look closely.

FInally after a lot of waiting we are finally able to spot his penis... The long thing under "it's a boy" is his leg and right above that are the boy parts. I was nervous at first because they said that the ultra sound machine was having issues and that they may have to postpone our visit... I was just praying while we were waiting that we would be able to see our little guy. But they were able to take the back up machine out and give us the ultra sound. We will have to go and get another one done in 4 weeks to monitor a "bright spot" she saw on his heart. Hopefully it will be gone and we won't have to worry about any heart problems in the future.

Ryan knew all along that it was a boy since he has had several dreams about a little boy with dark hair... so I guess we will see if this little guy has dark hair or not. It is nice knowing that we can call the baby a him now and not just baby. We are really excited and look forward to getting everything ready for him to arrive in April!


The Stones said...

I'm so excited for you!!!

Brown Family said...

Congrats, thats exciting!

sara and wade said...

oh boy!! that is so great!! we keep checking every week at work, but it keeps changing so we're not sure if its a boy or girl... we'll look next week and have a good idea... i hope. :) yeah! you look great! i'm catchin right up to ya... :) any names you are considering for baby boy?!

JessWilson said...

Hi! I just found your blog. Congratulations on a little boy. Boys are the best (not that I know anything about girls!). Hope all is well and I really miss our monthly visiting teaching get-togethers. :)

Michael Moran said...

very cute baby. I predict an April 10th birth date. And I really like the name Michael.