Thursday, November 26, 2009


I figured that since it being Thanksgiving and all I would compile a list of things that I am grateful for. I need to be more grateful all throughout the year, not just at Thanksgiving. Oh and they aren't in any particular order or anything.

  • Family- I have one of the greatest families ever... whenever we get together (which unfortunately isn't very often) we have an awesome time. I know we don't say it much, but this seems like as good a time as ever... I love you guys!
  • Pets- Puma and Fenway are part of our family and even though they bug me sometimes they are still my children. I look forward to Puma snuggling under the covers with me at night and just whenever Fenway is being a good puppy.
  • Food- I am grateful for having good food to eat every day and a husband who likes to cook it for me!
  • Little baby Chambers- I know he isn't born yet but I love knowing that I have a little guy in my ever-growing belly. I love feeling him kick when I am relaxing and just knowing that he is doing alright.
  • The Gospel- I am thankful to have the church in my life and for freedom to worship as we wish. I am also glad to be married in the temple to Ryan and to know that we will be together forever.
  • Friends- I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for. They are there when I need them and I appreciate the time we spend together and the activities we do.
  • A Home- We love having a house now and being able to feel more like a family in it. It is perfect for us and we love being able to decorate it and make it feel warm and comfy.
  • Technology- I am so glad that we have computers and internet because I can stay in contact with so many more people than i would normally. It makes life much easier and I am glad I am in this world during the technology era..
  • Neighbors- We have some really great neighbors that are always willing to help us out. Whether it's pulling out a tree stump or taking out our trash when we forget. They are great.
  • Jobs- Even though I don't have the job I would like to have I am very happy that I am working and making money. I am also thankful that Ryan has a full time job where we have awesome benefits and alright pay. We make enough for our needs which is all that I ask.
  • Garage- I LOVE having a garage this year... no more scraping the frost or snow off my car every morning... it is sooooo nice!
  • Hot Cocoa- It is so nice to wake up and get a nice cup of cocoa... I got the stevens candy cane cocoa on sale after christmas last year so I have like 3 big boxes and i LOVE it!
  • My Husband- Ryan is an amazing husband who is always there when I need him. He provides for our family, is a strong priesthood holder, a good family man, and a very generous person. He takes care of me when I feel sick and gives me nice back rubs and foot rubs. He will be a great father to our children and is a good support for me.
  • Christmas movies- I love watching christmas movies... usually they are pretty cheesy but I don't care... cheesy is cute and makes me feel more christmasy!
Well I hope I didn't forget anything... if I did maybe I will add it later. But this really helped me think about the things I am grateful for and often take for granted in my life. I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving and that you are surrounded by those you love.

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Cat and Blake Potter said...

and I'm grateful for YOU!!! haha I had to laugh with the "hot cocoa"... especially the candy cane kind right?